Residential moves are just as exciting as they can be stressful, however if you hire the right moving company and support, this new chapter in your life doesn’t need to start off on a rocky foot. Sokol Moving Company is the right choice when it comes to Vaughan moving companies!

Individuals and families often rely on themselves when it comes to fulfilling residential moves, however not every family or person can ensure that their valuable and fragile belongings are packed appropriately and safely, while also being moved adequately during loading and off-loading operations. Although moving can seem like a simple task at hand, it’s crucial to ensure the work being carried out is done safely and professionally, ensuring the safety of your valuables, and yourself.

Sokol Moving Company has been providing families and individuals with quality home moving services in Vaughan for a number of years! With safety top of mind, our experts will always assist you from start to finish, from the initial packing stages, to the clean-up of your vacant space. Our experts are eager to help you move, alleviating all stress factors that pertain to residential moving, regardless of the scope of work.

Whether you’re looking to pack and move bulky wardrobes, large furnishings and other miscellaneous fragile or heavy items, individuals are often over-confident and over-estimate their moving capabilities, resulting in damaged valuables, or worse injuries as result of their moving experience.

Residential Movers in Vaughan:

At the Sokol Moving Company, we’re committed to providing top quality services and experiences! We’re known as the go-to Vaughan moving company, for providing exceptional residential moving services that exceed industry standards and all customer expectations. Let us show you how we can professionally relocate your belongings from point A to point B, regardless of the size of your residential move, while being time sensitive and cost efficient.

Residential moving can result in a significant investment of precious time and effort. As a result of tedious organization and planning, any residential move causes heightened levels of stress among all individuals of a household. Our company can alleviate all of these issues, by providing a concrete moving plan. From the very beginning to the very end, our associates will assist you in figuring out the most effective moving plan for your relocation project.

Sokol Moving Company specializes in providing robust moving services across Vaughan and GTA region. Throughout the last few years, we’ve helped hundreds of families move from one property to another. We’ve had the opportunity to accumulate and garner an array of experience, specifically in residential moving, which has allowed us to refine our skills, mastering the perfect formula to creating a seamless and stress free move. We guarantee client satisfaction, complete safety and top quality levels of service.

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Stages of Residential Moving:

When planning a residential move, preparation is inevitable. There are several steps to take prior to planning and executing a move. Our experts will help you:

  • Disassemble furniture
  • Remove and rearrange fittings
  • Pack possessions and fragile valuables

Executing a move typically involves a process of six stages. For our team of experts to begin their work, you will need to execute the first step. Call us today and order your moving service based on your requirements and needs, and you’ll be moving into the second stage in no time!

Once you’ve booked your moving services, our qualified experts will arrive on site to carry out the disassembly of your furniture, dismantling of any equipment, as well as removing and rearranging fittings. Our team will also carefully package your belongings with the use of the latest packaging materials, ensuring your fragile and bulky items are well protected at all times. With the help of the right and most up to date moving equipment, we will also load of all of your belongings carefully onto our top of the line trucks prior to beginning our journey to your new home.

Our experienced drivers will transport your belongings with care and fragility. Upon arrival to your new destination, our team will also execute unloading and unpacking your furniture in accordance with your requirements and desires. Sokol Moving Company also offers furniture assembly if required!

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Moving steps:
  • You leave a request by phone or e-mail.Submit your residential moving request by phone or e-mail
  • Assessment of your place and scope of work determined by an expert of our team
  • Truck drivers and movers arrive on-site on the determined day of your move
  • Preliminary work begins according to the provided action plan (i.e, furniture packing, furniture disassembling, etc.)
  • Loading and unloading of your belongings
  • Transportation of your belongings
  • Unpacking of your household items and re-assembly of your furniture

The price of a residential move depends on several criteria: First of all, the cost of moving depends on the volume of the transported property. The fewer things you need to move, the cheaper the apartment move.

When you need to move locally within Toronto and GTA – the payment will be hourly. If you need to move your apartment outside the city, you will need to pay for mileage services and travel time back o the city of origin.

You can get general prices for our services here

* All prices for residential moving are given for your reference. The final cost is determined by the actual number of hours spent on your move.

All in-home estimates are FREE OF CHARGE. It is mandatory to conclude an agreement that imposes material and legal responsibility for possession’s safety during transportation.

Determining the Cost of Relocation

The cost of relocation for residential moving services is dependent on a number of variables, and is unique to each individual case. When determining the total cost, fixed prices are applied, and the following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Number and type of packaging materials
  • Moving volume and capacity of truck required
  • Number of movers and drivers involved
  • The presence of a freight elevator for apartment/condos
  • The need of special moving services for specialty items (i.e, pianos, safes, etc.)
  • Composition and scope of additional services (i.e, disassembling and assembling of furniture and built-in appliances, etc.)
Our company services:
  • Packing and unpacking of furniture, including fragile items
  • Disassembling and assembling of furniture and built-in appliances
  • Moving specialty items (pianos, safes, fireproof cabinets, etc.)
  • Storage services (security and climate controlled)
  • Cleaning services (before and after your move)
Packing of the goods

The safety of your belongings during a residential move is of high importance! During the loading, unloading and transportation of your valuables and furniture, the safety is always dependent on how well your items have been packed and stored. At your request, our experts will provide professional packing assistance. We know what materials are best to use depending on the item being packed, guaranteeing maximum safety for all of your fragile and delicate belongings. Our team also offers special wardrobe boxes for your clothing, making it easy to simply move things from one closet to another!

Consult a specialist from Sokol Moving Company today, by calling 647-676-7161, or simply fill out the request form on our website and our team will get back to you shortly. We’re ready to offer you the best solutions for your upcoming residential move!

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