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Moving from one home to another is never an easy task, and requires a lot of organizing, strength and patience to ensure all of your belongings are transported safely and efficiently. This becomes increasingly more difficult when you’ve got one or multiple items that require additional support to move, due to their weight and size.

Sokol Moving Company offers piano moving services, as well as heavy and speciality item moving services to the Vaughan and GTA region. Our experts are well equipped to handle the moving of large and heavy-weight items, without altering the duration and quality of your move. Each individual expert at Sokol Moving Company, is professionally trained to get this job done right, by using state-of-the-art equipment to protect and move your heavy and speciality items from your existing location to your new home.

Sokol Moving Company is qualified to move the following heavy and speciality items:

Moving any of the speciality items listed above requires the right moving equipment to ensure these heavy and large items are loaded, transported and unloaded carefully. Sokol Moving Company is capable of moving heavy-weight items, however we’re particularly known for being the best piano movers in Vaughan. Our team of experts ensures no mistakes are made, avoiding permanent damage to the musical instrument.

We recommend hiring expert and professional piano and speciality item movers, as often times heavy-weight items and furnishings such as musical instruments, get damaged if there isn’t a qualified expert on site for your moving project. Individuals are often not qualified in moving, transporting and unloading speciality items, such as upright and grand piano’s.

Our experienced practitioners are equipped with the latest technology and equipment, understanding how to provide quality piano moving services. Sokol Moving Company will support you in disassembling your piano, ensuring your instrument is moved carefully and adequately. Whether we’re dealing with narrow stairways and corridors, or lack of freight elevators, our movers are capable of handling any project no matter the how big and difficult it may be.

At Sokol Moving Company, our professional movers aren’t only exceptional in providing careful and accurate attention to moving large and heavy-weight cargo, but we’re also incredibly skilled in manoeuvring trucks across the city and rural regions.

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How to book piano moving services in Vaughan

To book the Sokol Moving Company Piano movers, contact us today and share your piano type, and dimensions, as well as where you need your piano transported to, and whether or not you have a freight elevator at your current location. No move is the same, which is why it’s crucial for us to have the following information to ensure we quote your piano or speciality item move as accurately as possible.

Once our team assesses the scope of work, an expert will share the following details with you below, prior to beginning disassembling your speciality items, packing them safely, loading them and transporting them before unloading them into your new space.

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