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Planning a residential, commercial, business or office move? The first thing that comes to mind, and becomes an apparent hurdle is packing all of your belongings, whether it be décor pieces, furniture, electronic appliances, specialty and heavy weight items, commercial appliances and office supplies. If you want to lessen the burden of managing a move, leave the packing to us to ensure complete safety of all of your belongings. Sokol Moving Company offers professional packing services, where our team of experienced workers will facilitate all of the necessary packing materials required to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. Rest assured, that one way or another, we will pack your items thoroughly and efficiently!

When moving to a new space, you no longer have to rely on simply yourself or your company to stay organized, and have everything assembled for packing. Our experts can assist you in the preliminary stages of your move, by providing expert consultation, recommendations and packing services, to ensure your belongings are packed efficiently and properly, through a customized moving and packing plan.

Moving and packing services:

The cost for professional packing is always dependent on the how large or small the project is, as well as how many items are required to be packed, and of course the materials being utilized to package your belongings to prepare them for transportation to your new location.

With the Sokol Moving Company professional packing services, you can rely on us to reduce the timelines of your move, while also providing you with peace of mind, as we handle every step of your packing phase with extra attention and care. When our professional packers begin packing your belongings, they will only utilize high-quality and state-of-the-art packing materials to ensure optimal safety. This is especially beneficial if you have any antiques, expensive décor, or speciality fragile items.

It is not worth saving on packaging materials, if that means you’re risking the safety of your belongings!

Consistent protection and care for valuable belongings

There’s nothing more nerve-racking then moving your fragile belongings, furniture and appliances from one space to another, however the safety of your things is very much dependent on how well everything is packed. Without the appropriate experience and skills, it’s always possible that your things may get scratched and damaged in transit. Which is why it’s always best to hire the Sokol Moving Company packing experts, who will ensure all of your things are in order, and packed perfectly in time for your move. We offer extensive packing services that will cater to all of your needs, promising no broken or damaged goods.

With Sokol Moving Company, everything is easier!

Our team will expertly pack your furniture and appliances, to ensure they’re ready for your move.

We only use the most durable boxes, and adequately select sizes that will work for your move, to ensure that there aren’t any opportunities for your belongings to break, scratch or damage in transit.

When moving, it’s always best to pack larger furniture and major appliances in speciality moving wraps and blankets, as well as a moving film to protect from scratches, dirt and dust while on your way to your new destination.

While many of us don’t know this, each packing material utilized plays a significant role in your move, preventing dust, damages, moisture build-up. While packing may not always be a complete guarantee to safety, when working with professional and experienced experts, the likelihood of your belongings getting damaged become significantly less!

Packing Service Options

Divide the process into stages:

Complete packing

A complete packing service ensures that one of our experts pack all of your belongings, utilizing the most appropriate packing materials to ensure your pieces of furniture, and applianced are handled and transported safely.

Packing of fragile items only

By deciding on the number of fragile appliances, decor and furniture, our team of experts will package the determined fragile items, professionally, ensuring that none of your fragile belongings break in transit or during your move.


If you’re looking to pack your own things, Sokol Moving Company can provide you with the best moving boxes and packing materials there are, in order to set you up for success for your upcoming move.

Custom Packaging

Sokol Moving Company offers custom packaging for your speciality items, including works of art, audio and video equipment, antiques and collectables, that often requires additional attention. Our custom packaging is made out of durable wood, to prevent any damages of fragile and speciality items that don’t fit the standard sizes.


Our team of experts will assess your belongings for free, and provide you with an accurate estimate that outlines the type of service you’ve selected, and the necessary packaging materials required.

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Sokol Moving Company has acquired years of experience, and we’ve been able to establish a trustworthy reputation as the go-to Vaughan movers! Our number one mission is to take care of your belongings, which is why we only employ full-time certified moving experts, who can responsibly pack your belongings, load them and transport them to your new space.

From dismantling, and disassembling furniture, to packing your belongings, and moving them via our fully equipped trucks, to cleaning up the mess often left behind when moving out of a place, we provide full transparency on the cost of your move, providing competitive pricing on moving materials, and services.

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