Moving to a new home can be stressful. From closing on the new home to scheduling the movers to pack, there is a lot to do! You have to pack up your entire life into boxes, which in and of itself can be overwhelming. Simply knowing how to pack clothes for moving can help ease your stress.

Hiring the best team of movers Toronto can also help ease your burden when it comes to moving. Most moving companies will also do the packing for you! However, if you prefer to pack your own clothes, keep reading for tips on how to pack clothing items.

How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Bonus Tip: Be sure to pick up moving clothes boxes. You can find them at post offices and moving companies. The right boxes make all the difference, especially when it comes to packing your clothes.

  • De-clutter: Moving is so much easier if you take the time to get rid of those items you don’t need. Take the time to sort through your clothes and get rid of those items that are torn or worn out no longer fit, or those you have not worn in some time. You can either sell them at a yard sale, donate to charity or throw out those items that are no longer wearable.
  • Wash your clothes: Nothing is more frustrating than moving to a new home with dirty laundry. Wash all of your dirty clothes, as well as any bedding, towels, blankets, and other items. This will save you a lot of space, as well as time, during the move.
  • Pack for the move: Set the outfit aside that you plan to wear the day of the move. As well, pack outfits for another day or so to give you time to unpack in your new home. Don’t forget to pack essentials such as sleepwear, underwear, towels, and linens.
  • Sort Your Clothes: One of the best tips we can give you on how to pack clothes for moving is to sort them into boxes by the following categories:
    1. Need: Pack those clothing items that you know you will be needing directly after the move. This way you won’t have to frantically search to find outfits for the next few days while you unpack.
    2. Seasonal: It is always a good idea to pack your clothes by season. You won’t be in quite as much of a rush to unpack your winter things if you are moving in the middle of the summer. As well, it will help you stay better organized when you are setting up your wardrobe/closet space in your new home.
    3. Material: Place those items that need to be dried cleaned, as well as those you don’t want to create, on hangers in a clothing bag. You can cotton items such as tee shirts to save room. Keep in materials such as woolen items take up more room and may require more boxes.
    4. Size: Pack large or bulky items, such as jackets, in larger boxes, while smaller items such as socks and underwear can go in smaller boxes.

*Don’t forget to label your boxes, so you know where everything is, and you won’t panic later on when looking for certain items.

Additional Tips: Garment bags, trash bags, suitcases, moving boxes, plastic bins, and wardrobe boxes can all be utilized to back your clothing.

Need help with the big move? Sokol Moving Inc. will not only move your furniture and other belongings, but we also will do the packing for you! Call us today for a free quote for the professional moving service in the Greater Toronto Area!

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