These terms and conditions apply to the Service(s), which customer have ordered and which are shown on the Moving Agreement Form (Bill of Landing)


In this Agreement the words and expressions listed below shall have the following meanings:

Carrier: the Company (Sokol Moving Inc) providing transportation for your household goods.

Customer: a Customer – a person or entity that hires а household goods carrier.

Moving Agreement Form (Bill of landing): the contract between the mover and the customer, please ensure that you read carefully in full and understand all terms and conditions before finalizing your booking.

Accessorial (Additional) Services: Moving services such as packing, appliances servicing, unpacking or extra pick-up and/or extra deliveries that you request to be performed (or are necessary because of customer requirements or other special circumstances).

Advanced Charges: Charges for services of others engaged by an agent or the carrier at customer request. These charges applies to your bill of lading.

Binding and Non-Binding Estimate:

Binding – when the mover guarantees a fixed cost estimate based on the specific given inventory list.

Non-Binding – is the estimated total cost of the entire move, based upon the movers‘ previous experience and the accessorial services requested.

Inventory: the detailed list of your household items, describing the quantity and condition of each item.

Valuation Protection: is coverage for items that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during a move, and it is the carrier’s maximum level of liability. Valuation coverage is not insurance.

Declared Value: is the amount a customer stated to the carrier that his/her shipment is worth.

Released Valuation: is the basic coverage that is contained in all contracts for moving of household effects and is included in the cost of your move.

Long Carry (Walking Distance): is a charge that may appear on your bill of landing if the movers have a long distance to carry things from your home to the truck or vice versa.

Replacement Valuation (PVP): It simply means that, if a damaged item cannot be repaired to its original condition, it will be replaced at today’s market price.

Third Party: Services performed by someone other than the carrier at customer request or as required by federal, provincial or local law.

Bulky Article/Item: Items such as boats, snowmobiles, canoe, etc usually carry a bulky article charge to compensate the carrier for the difficulty of loading and unloading such articles, and their unusual bulk or low weight density.

Unpacking: the removal of your goods from boxes and crates, and the disposal of such containers and packing materials.

Shipper: the person (customer) whose goods are being moved.

PBO (Packed By Owner): articles packed into boxes or crates by customer, not the carrier.


The Customer is responsible for the following:


The Customer agrees to the following payment terms:

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