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Moving in Toronto is always stressful and exciting. You need to plan everything and keep in mind a lot of little things. But moving with an animal is doubly stressful because you have to think not only about yourself but also about your pet. Your lovely animal also experiences stress.

Moving with pets will be easier if you follow these simple guidelines.

By wishing to protect your pet from stress, you can overexpose it in a particular hotel for animals or leave it for a short time with relatives or close friends. If you do not have this opportunity, at least try to place your pets in a separate room, free from work activity, the noise of moving furniture and stacking up boxes.

On moving day, feed your pet a few hours before departure. Feed him with something tasty to cheer up your pet a little. Wait for the cat to go to the toilet; if it’s a dog, walk it. That is necessary so that there are no surprises during the trip. However, this does not exclude the possibility that the pet may urinate in the carrier or cage.

If your pet is too active, restless, or nervous, consider sedatives. These can be sprays, diffusers, tablets. Choose the method that works best for your pet, and be sure to consult your veterinarian before doing this.

Moving your pet to a new location can be a headache and one of the toughest challenges for you. Here are some tips to make moving your pet much easier:

Think over the route

If you are moving by car, study your route carefully. Try to choose a path that has recreational areas and hotels that allow pets. These nuances will provide a good rest not only for your pet but will give you relaxation as well.

Pet carrier bag

That will help you manage the animal’s anxiety levels during the trip and come in handy for the first time in your new home. And this is necessary if you have a dog and a cat travelling together, these friends must be kept separate.

Before you put your pet in the carrier bag, put the pet’s usual blanket or favorite toy there. It is better to cover the carrier bag with a blanket on the road. Do not open the carrier bag or release the animal. Hold the bag in your arms, talk to your pet in a soft, calm voice.

Veterinary control

Obtain a veterinary certificate, get all the necessary vaccinations strictly one month before the trip. If you move by train or plane, you must give your pet a rabies vaccination at the clinic, with the obligatory indication of the vaccination’s name in the animal’s passport.


Riding in a car will likely upset their stomachs. Before the trip, it is customary to withstand four-legged friends on a starvation diet for about 10 hours. It is worth limiting drinking water 2 hours before starting the journey.

Water supply

Bring an animal drinker or plastic bowl with you in your car. Check periodically to see if the animal is dehydrated.

Technical stops

Walk dogs on a short leash. In an unfamiliar environment, the dog may not do its job, and, being without a leash, will try to run towards the house. For cats, bring litter with you

Travel bag for an animal

Collect a personalized bag for your pet. You should always have on hand: dry pet food, a supply of drinking water, hygiene products, medicines, plastic bags, a scoop for collecting excrement, a bed for the animal, especially if you are staying at a hotel.

The ability to sniff

When you get to your new home, give your pet time to explore all the rooms. Cats, in particular, enjoy this. Dogs should offer a light meat snack to feel safe in a new place.

Block escape routes

Make sure the windows and doors in your home are securely closed. Cats and dogs trying to return to their old house is not a myth. It is undesirable to let the dog off the leash for several weeks while walking in a new place.

After move

When you arrive at your new home, the first thing to do is check for hidden and inaccessible corners. A worried pet can hide in such a place, and it won’t be easy to get him out there. After that, open the carrier bag and let your pet get out of it on his own to inspect a new place when he is ready. Observe his behavior. If he has found a safe and sufficiently secluded place for himself, put a toilet and bowls of food there. Don’t worry if your pet doesn’t want to eat or drink at first. Feelings of hunger will eventually overpower stress and force him to eat.

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Vaughan moving companie

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Vaughan moving companie

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