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Life is full of changes. One of them is moving to a new place: to another apartment, house, or a foreign country. Even for one person, this is a whole event that takes a lot of nerves and strength. What can we say about changing the place of residence of an entire family with a small child?

Primary preparation plays the most crucial role in changing residence with small children.

Therefore, start preparing as early as possible. The further success of the resettlement depends on how you organize the move with children. Take the time to plan.

Many are lost, not knowing how to organize a move with a baby properly. After all, the beginning of life in a new place entails the joy of change and stress, disorder, and violation of the daily routine.

For a mother, moving with children is a global event. She is responsible for the baby and the household, so most of the organization moments fall on her shoulders.

Now, let’s look into more details about how to prepare for the move with your child.

Before moving with kids

Tell your child about the move in advance. The earlier the child finds out about it, the better. Psychologists advise explaining to the child why they move and talking with him about the upcoming changes. An unexpected change of residence place without warning can turn into great stress for the little person and undermine trust in parents. Indeed, on a subconscious level, the child understands that apartment in which he/she lives is like a symbol of the world’s stability and security.

Before leaving the old place for another, organize goodbye walks, take memorable photos. Try to arrange a party for the child and his friends to have pleasant memories of the separation.

Preparing for the move with toodlers

Keep the usual order as long as possible, if not in the whole apartment, then at least in the children’s room. First, pack out-of-season clothing and toys that your child rarely uses and pack the last one the things your child uses and are often in his/her attendance area.

The child’s participation in the preparation depends on the age. It is better to attract small children aged 2-3 years with a game or a walk during the preparatory work. Just do not leave them unattended. It is better to involve relatives or friends who can play the role of a nanny for help. Several years older, children can help their mother pack their things, wrap them with paper or air-bubble wrap, and put them in boxes.

Another thing is grown-up children, say, over 7-8 years old. They can move more consciously and take an active part in the preparation. For example, ask your son or daughter to sort and collect their belongings on their own.

During the move

The child should not participate in the move. A child should spend this day with his mother outside the apartment: you can go for a walk or visit. And the very process of packing and unpacking things is more comfortable to shift onto the shoulders of a moving company. Specialists of the moving company know how to fold, transport and unpack all items in a new place within one day.

If a small child still stays in the apartment on the day of the move, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Prepare a family essentials bag. This is a first aid kit, toiletries, a change of linen, clothes and shoes, bedding and towels, water and food, and disposable dishes. Put in this bag, especially things for your child: food, a book, a few favourite toys, wet wipes, a pillow and a blanket if he wants to sleep. (If necessary, do not forget diapers and bottles – they should be on hand at the right time).
  • The baby’s crib should be disassembled last at the old address and assembled first at the new address. If you hire a moving company, make sure they know this rule. Double-check with the moving company if they offer to disassemble/reassemble the crib as many companies have limited liability. Think in advance about what you will do for the baby. A child’s favourite toys and books can help you.
  • Despite the move, try, in a new apartment or house, to maintain the usual daily routine for a small child – sleeping, walking, feeding.
After moving

After moving Please get to know neighbours, other parents on the playground, invite them to visit or for a walk so that the children can make friends.

To get used to your new place of residence better, take a walk around the neighborhood with the whole family and visit exciting places nearby – a park and playground. Guide your way to school or kindergarten. It is essential not only when moving to another city, but also if you previously lived in a neighboring area.

And most importantly, during the entire time of the move, talk with your child about the future, imagine how wonderful life will be in a new place, find out his expectations, talk about new opportunities.

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Vaughan moving companie

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Vaughan moving companie

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