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Moving is always tricky. And it does not matter what kind of moving it is: apartments, office, transportation of goods around the city, or another region. Organizing the move on your own is not easy and filled with unpleasant consequences (something collapsed, got broken, forgotten, etc.). Therefore, it is better to hand over the move to experienced specialists. However, to whom? It is always better to use the services of an expert company that specializes in moving only. In this case, it will be possible to breathe a sigh of assistance and represent every nuance of moving to experienced professionals in their field.

Before packing the furniture for moving, clean it of dust and dirt. This action will prevent small particles from damaging the polish, and scratches will not appear.

Preparation work:

  • Dismantling accessories – remove the brackets, handles, pull-out elements, and put them in a bag.
  • Removal of the shelf – pack sections in cardboard boxes.
  • Mirror and glass elements dismantling.

It is worth purchasing packaging materials and disassembly tools such as cardboard, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and screwdrivers at the preparatory phase.

If the move takes place in winter, then wrap the leather furniture into blankets or other warm thick cloth, since leather furniture does not tolerate frost well.

All collapsible furniture elements must be packed with cardboard between them and wrapped with a plastic protective wrap on top. Use bubble-wrap to cover lacquered handles, armrests of armchairs and sofas, and other furniture elements to avoid any damage.

Wrap the corners of the furniture with duct tape to not break off during the move. Sticky tape will not work in this case as it can leave glue residues on the surface.

Secure the doors of unassembled cabinets and wrap the furniture itself in blankets and shrink-wrap.

Place the leather sofa into a truck separately from other things, and do not put any other items or boxes on it as the material may stretch.

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Sokol Moving Company

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