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Have you recently signed a lease or purchased a new apartment or condominium? Now that you’re officially set to move, the only thing standing between you and your new home is the actual moving process. Moving from an apartment or condominium isn’t an easy task, albeit how simple it may sound.

Moving is already stressful to begin with, however this can be avoided from start by working with the go-to Vaughan condo movers, which is us! Here at Sokol Moving Company, we ensure your move is a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Your move in and out of an apartment or condo, doesn’t need to be a challenge. Our team of seasoned experts will meet your deadlines, while navigating your belongings carefully and efficiently through narrow corridors, stairs, and elevators to ensure your furnishings are loaded accordingly onto our trucks and transported to your new home!

Don’t let the fear of a chaotic and stressful move diminish your excitement from starting your new chapter.

The Best Condo Moving Company in Vaughan

Having had the opportunity to service the Vaughan, Toronto and GTA region for a number of years, has allowed us to build a credible reputation as being the condo moving company! By fostering relationships, we’ve been able to provide concrete professional moving services to individuals and households seeking to relocate to a new condominium or apartment. Our moving company has what it takes, from experience to the most up-to-date equipment, we always go above and beyond, and strive to provide you with a memorable and easy experience.

Our moving company offers the following services:

Sokol Moving Company offers full-service condo moving services, as well as only transportation services of over-sized items and furnishings.

We’re proud to offer the Vaughan region with moving services that can accommodate any size of condo or apartment moves. Moving to a new home should be straightforward, exciting and enjoyable, and shouldn’t feel like a burden or obstacle!

How will you move to your new apartment or condominium?

While it’s without a doubt that any move is an exciting step towards a new chapter, the process in itself can be quite tiresome, and overbearing. From the initial phases of packing, and relocating, to actually settling in and unpacking all of your belongings and furnishings, it’s safe to say that moving apartments or condo’s is a lengthy experience. By hiring a professional moving company, like the Sokol Moving Company, you immediately unload more than half of the pressure you’d feel if you were executing this on your own.

When working with our team of professional movers, you can be rest assured that everything will be in order, including furniture disassembling, packing, unpacking, and arranging. While we move your things, you can begin preparing for your housewarming!

How to organize the perfect apartment and condominium move

Whether you’re moving a one bedroom apartment, or a three bedroom condominium, it’s never easy to ensure your move is organized from start to finish. Things can turn out to be much more to handle than initially anticipated. As a result, individuals find themselves way in over their head, planning a last minute move. Sokol Moving Company can support in the initial organizational phases of a move, and determine the most effective solution to getting your personal belongings organized in a timely fashion, ensuring your move isn’t hindered by the stress of organizing and packing.

Free on-site assessments for your move

Sokol Moving Company offers on-site assessments to ensure we provide the most accurate estimation based on your needs and requirements, completely free of charge. While on-site assessments are preferred, we do offer assessments through email as well, understanding that time is incredibly valuable and individuals don’t always have the availability to do a in-person walkthrough.

All apartments and condominiums are different, no space is the same, which is why we understand that households often have specific requirements and needs based on their personal space and belongings. Which is why it’s important for a specialist to learn about the space you’re moving out of, the belongings being moved, and any additional requirements needing to be fulfilled in your relocation project.

Your move will be dependent on the method you choose to ensure your apartment or condominium is efficiently packed, loaded and transported. The transportation of your furnishings should be organized as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. The more belongings you have, the earlier you should begin organization and planning your move.

To plan your free assessment, either on-site or through email, please email us today at

These are the critical points and phases of organizing an apartment or condominium move:

Condo movers VaughanChoose the appropriate date

It’s essential to find a date that ensures the least amount of hassle and stress for all members of the household. It’s always best to discuss the date of moving in advance, to ensure everyone is available, and there are no issues booking elevators in advance to support loading your belongings onto our trucks.

Condo movers VaughanMoving participants

Determine a clear list of individuals aiding your move, or whether you’re looking for a team of professional experts to help you organize and pack all of your belongings. Having an extra pair of hands is always an asset, and could never hurt!

Condo movers VaughanScheduling your moving truck

Ensure you determine a precise timeline on when your belongings will be ready to be loaded onto our trucks. With the help of Sokol Moving Company, we can help determine the appropriation time to load our trucks, as well as the duration of packing and organizing required to ensure everything is being moved accordingly.

Condo movers VaughanOversized items

It’s crucial that you factor in any oversized items that will need to be moved from your current condominium or apartment, to your new home. Often times, we don’t realize that some of our furnishings require additional attention to detail, and support, to ensure they’re relocated accordingly without inflicting any damages to the item or the movers.

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What to expect on your moving day?
  • Professional movers and a truck will arrive at the designated start time
  • Specialists will disassemble furniture and prepare it for the safest transportation
  • Our team of experts will carefully and meticulously move all of your belongings to your new destination
  • We will unload all furnishings and boxes, and utilize the elevator or stairs to move things into your new home
  • We will unpack and assemble your furniture, and arrange your belongings accordingly
  • Our team will ensure all trash and discarded moving materials like boxes, are thrown out, ensuring a clean new home
Are we responsible for your property?

We are financially responsible for your property at the time when our team carry’s out your moving project. Unlike other moving companies, we outline in our contract that we’re responsible for your personal belongings from start to finish, as all of our staff personnel are hand-selected, experienced and trained to our standards. Experts at Sokol Moving Company know how to execute a short and long distance apartment or condo move, efficiently and smoothly.

How much does it cost for an apartment or condominium move?

When it comes to figuring out how much your apartment or condominium move would cost, we recommend reaching out to one of our experts as it truly is dependent on the scale of the project and the additional services you’d like to include in your relocation project. Sokol Moving Company offers free in-person and digital estimations, to ensure you have direct visibility on the number of hours and labour required to prepare, transport and unload your belongings that will lead you to a successful move.

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