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When it comes to any business, a tale telling sign of success is often reflected in the lack of sufficient space, prompting you to begin looking for new larger commercial space to move into, to accommodate your growing team of staff.

A commercial and business move is never an easy task, as it requires a extensive planning and organization to ensure your work process and flow isn’t interrupted or hindered for an extensive period of time. At Sokol Moving Company, we’ve been able to become the trusted commercial and business moving company in Vaughan.

Our team of experienced experts have been able to address specific difficulties, and inconveniences that often accompany business and commercial moving projects. We’re prepared to ensure your employees aren’t being distributed from their responsibilities, as we’re capable of organizing, packing and relocating your belongings swiftly and promptly!

Commercial Movers

Sokol Moving Company offers services beyond simply moving your office supplies and commercial equipment. Our team of experienced managers, loaders and drivers will aid in organizing your office move from start to finish, ensuring that everything is efficiently and professionally moved, saving you the time, hassle and effort.

If not prepared adequately from the start, an office, commercial or business move can quickly turn into a bigger problem, causing a headache for not only yourself but your staff as well. A commercial and business move should not impact your work flow, or your operating hours.

With our background and expertise, we know what to expect when providing commercial moving services, including any unexpected obstacles or hurdles. First and foremost it’s vital that the moving project is organized precisely from the initial to the final stages of your move, including the packing of the equipment and furniture, to the loading and off-loading of all business and commercial belongings. Each move is optimized to its fullest potential, ensuring all requirements are met in accordance, while providing a seamless move-out and move-in experience from one location to another.

Office Relocation Phases

Have you recently acquired a new office space with additional square-footage for your growing team? Office moves from one property to another can be quite difficult, and require to be organized in very different ways. Sokol Moving Company is the go-to Toronto office movers. We’re qualified in carrying out your office move as soon as possible, and execute within a few of hours, ensuring that you and your team avoid wasting precious work time. We strive to ensure that your operational hours aren’t disrupted, while still providing quality business and commercial moving services.

How much might it cost to execute a commercial and business move?

When it comes to commercial and business moving, payment is calculated based on the number of hours worked, as well as the types of services you’ll require to ensure your move is fully accommodated by our commercial movers. To ensure your move is cost efficient, it’s vital that we avoid any delays, and have all boxes and items ready to be loaded ahead of time, avoiding additional hours and costs spent on sorting, and packing.

Sokol Moving Company offers many suitable solutions and organizations options for businesses looking for support in commercial and business moving, ensuring all obstacles are avoided.

Here are factors to take into consideration, when determining the cost of your commercial and business move:

  • The volume and composition of the transported property (i.e, quantity of objects, facility size and carrying capacity of vehicles)
  • The number of required movers
  • Disassembly, assembly and placement of the furniture
  • Packing of the furnishings and equipments
  • Dismantling, installation and connection of climatic and other engineering systems
  • Office cleaning
  • Distance traveled
  • Property
    Job description
    Total price
    *(before applicable taxes)
  • Small office
    10 desks, 10 chairs, 5 file cabinets, 10 computer’s sets, 5-10 boxes
    3 hrs
  • Medium office
    20 desks, 20 chairs, small couch,7 file cabinets, 20 computer’s sets, COMM printer, 10 wall art, 10-15 boxes
    5 hrs
  • Large office
    30 desks, 30 chairs, 2 small couches,10 file cabinets, 30 computer’s sets, server rack, 2 COMM Printers, 1-2 TVs 30-40 boxes.
    7 hrs

*Please note that the presented prices are a preliminary calculation of the cost, which cannot be considered as final, due to each project having a unique scope of work, that includes route of transportation, supplementary moving services and the distanced traveled throughout the move. For a more accurate estimation, please call us today at 647-676-7161 or email us at!

Our business and commercial moving team will provide you with the necessary professional advice, and help draw up a preliminary estimate for your move.

When to plan your commercial or business move?

If you’re able to select a specific time of the year to move, we recommend moving in the summer or late spring, as there’s often less physical and psychological discomforts and nuisances that associate with those seasons. You will not need to deal with below average temperatures, and seasonal changes, that can severely and highly impact your overall moving experiences.

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